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Starting at the Beginning


GiraffeMy name is Kelly Angelovic. I am an artist-- a graphic designer, an illustrator and a storyteller, among other things. This blog is about my experience as I try to make a living following my heart, while living in the real world where there are bills and a mortgage to pay, and a delightful (though rather time-consuming) one and a half year old to take care of. Before having my little girl I worked as a graphic designer, and have been dabbling in the world of children's books as of late. I am currently an unpublished author and illustrator, but am bursting at the seams to see what I can make happen. I intend to share my highs and my lows here, in hopes that my journey will somehow help another, or at the very least, provide some solidarity in the angst and joy that go hand in hand with a creative life.