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Which one?

By the Light of the Moon, ABy the Light of the Moon, B I have been working on this illustration for the past month or so. A couple weeks ago, at the Society of Children's Authors and Illustrators (SCBWI) Fall Conference in Denver, I received some feedback that the little boy could to pop a bit more. So I have been playing around with the colors. I love the more mono-chromatic image, but perhaps the boy is stronger donning orange? What do you think? One of the more challenging aspects, for me anyway, of being a freelance designer and illustrator is the isolation. More often than not, I am working alone- a state that's not always conducive to creative breakthroughs. In design school, even when my work got ripped apart, I loved the discussion about what was and wasn't working in a piece. I miss that and would enjoy finding a similar community- perhaps this blog will lead to that.

For today, I would love to hear your opinion on the two pieces above. Which one tickles your fancy?