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5 Random Acts of Kindness


Today is brimming with possibility. Anything can happen.

Mother nature put on a spectacular show for us this morning as I was out walking my dog. The holiday season is officially here, and as we walked, I was thinking about how to teach my daughter about the real meaning of Christmas?

Peace. Love. Generosity. Joy. Kindness. Magic.

We have just under 5 weeks until the end of 2012. I'm starting small, but my goal is to preform 5 random acts of kindness between now and the end of the year (yup, that's one a week). I want to show my daughter that Christmas is about more than presents and holiday lights.

And I want YOU to join me.

Five random acts of kindness by January 1.


These random acts can be for people you know or people you don't. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Next time you are standing in line for coffee, let the person behind you go first. Better yet, buy their coffee for them.
  2. Bring lunch or a cup of hot cocoa to the homeless person on the corner asking for change.
  3. Write a letter to someone who made a difference in your life and tell them how they changed the game for you.
  4. Send flowers to someone who's not expecting them.
  5. Cook a meal and deliver it to someone who could use it.
  6. Pay a sincere compliment to someone who's not expecting it.
  7. Buy a lottery ticket for a stranger.
  8. Donate time or money to your favorite charity.
  9. Give a huge tip to your next waiter or waitress.
  10. Put coins in someone's parking meter that's about to expire.

Believe and share in the magic of the season. The possibilities are endless. Even one random act of kindness may make all the difference for someone this holiday season.

Share your stories and your experiences. Pass this idea along. Be generous. Act with love. Smile a lot. Have fun. Anything can happen.