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You Are Amaizng I have been stuck at home all week with a sick toddler. It's just a bad cold, but she is too sick to go to daycare. She's barely sleeping because of this very violent cough that ramps up as soon as she lays her head down. This means that we're not sleeping either.

Feeling a lot like I have a newborn, I am drifting through the week in a hazy, exhaustion laden fog.

Did you know you can't give cough medicine to anyone under the age of two?

It's really awful. She sounds like she is being tortured.

I have to get to work now (fingers crossed this nap will be different). But the next time you are having a week like I am and feeling less than stellar, remember to have compassion for yourself.

You are amazing. We are all doing the best that we can. For today, that's enough.