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I've Got Good News!

Cover for Uppercase Illustrator Directory I am bursting with excitement! A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I got some really great news in the studio.

Have you heard of Uppercase magazine?

If not, go out--right now--and purchase a copy of the latest edition. You won't be disappointed.

With the tagline "For the creative and curious," this beautiful publication ..."profiles up-and-coming artists and explores emerging trends in design and creativity." Over the last few years, it has featured some of my very favorite illustrators, in addition to a whole host of other people rockin' their creative dreams.

Uppercase also puts together Work/Life, an exclusive directory of 100 illustrators from around the world.

And I am proud (and incredibly humbled) to announce that I have been chosen to be featured in the third edition of this esteemed directory!!!

Work Life Cover

Here's is a little more from the folks at Uppercase about the Work/Life 3 Directory:

"Unlike awards annuals or traditional illustration directories, our publication gets personal. As a participant, you are individually interviewed for specifics about your creative focus and artistic technique as well as your inspirations and aspirations. Additional imagery (sketchbook pages, studio shots, inspirational objects or personally illustrated anecdotes) are integral to each participant’s spread, allowing the reader to take a peek into your work/life. This personal connection allows art directors to get to know you; they can see the passion you have for your craft.

The book will be sent to a targeted list of at least 1000 of the most desirable clients in publishing, advertising and design. Participants can opt to submit a list of their top 10 dream clients, which will be compiled into the master mailing list. "

The theme for this edition is "An Illustrated Life" and "...will explore the ups and downs of illustration and what it takes to stay creative."

Dancing on cloud 9, I still can't believe that I am going to be featured in this amazing publication. Somebody pinch me.