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A Source of Inspiration

Black Bird with Numbers by Mary Lue Kellgren

I come from a long line of creative women. The image above is a mixed media piece created by my very talented Aunt Mary Lue. To see more of her work or to purchase this piece, check out her Etsy shop.


As a creative professional (and highly visual person), there are a host of amazing resources out there to inspire and educate. In no particular order, here are a few of my favorites from all over the world wide web:

1. Illustration Age, featuring ", inspiring, and sometimes groundbreaking artwork from professional Illustrators all over the world."

2. Illustration Friday is a super sweet weekly drawing challenge, open to all.

3. Illustration Mundo - Find an illustrator, get current information about the commercial illustration industry, and be a part of the illustration community.

4. HowDesign - Great resource for designers and illustrators alike. Find inspiration and brush up on your business skills.

5. Design Observer featuring " and critical essays on design, urbanism, social innovation and popular culture."

6. Uppercase for the creative and curious. Primarily a magazine and book publisher, the Uppercase blog is full of visual fodder to inspire and delight.

7. DesignSponge - Your home for all things design, this blog covers all things DIY, food, art, business and more.

8. Pikaland, an art and illustration blog offering a collection of beautiful things and inspirations for creatives everywhere.

9. GrainEdit, a modern graphic design inspiration blog + vintage graphics resource.

10. I Love Typography, a blog about you guessed it, fonts, typeface and all things typographical.

Check 'em out. What are some of your favorite sources of online inspiration? I'd love to hear from you!