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Stretch Yourself

Vintage Kitchen Fabric Pattern Last week, I posted about "Make Art That Sells," an online course that I'm enrolled in. Over the next several weeks, the class will dive into 5 different market segments within the art and illustration industry.

Last week, we focused on the bolt fabric market. The assignment was to create a fabric pattern with a vintage kitchen theme, using mushrooms and casserole dishes along with any other imagery or icons we wanted to add. Creating coordinates (2-3 additional fabric ideas using the same color palette and related imagery) was highly encouraged.

Picture tea towels or fun retro aprons. Can you see it?

This was my first attempt at anything within the realm of fabric and I loved it! I can't wait to do more.

This week, we are learning all about the Home Decor market- Bedding, Dinnerware, etc. I am bursting with excitement!

In taking this class, I hoped to find some direction, to stretch and push myself outside my comfort zone, and to learn more about what's possible (creatively and financially--a family's got to eat) in the world of illustration. Humbled and inspired by the level of talent involved, this class is doing just that. Stay tuned.