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Hundred Year Flood

Four Mile Creek Flooded The image above is of Four Mile Creek, just down the block from my house. The creekbed is dry 80% of the year. When it is running, it's 2-3' wide at most.


It's about 11pm and the rain just keeps coming. Emergency sirens are howling through the dark, warning all to get to higher ground. It is eerie and surreal.

"The 100 year flood, a weather event of biblical proportions"--that's what they're calling it.

And my husband keeps leaving.

He can't help himself--he is off again to lend a helping hand where he can, while I stay home with the little one. For now, tonight, we are safe and dry. So many of our friends are not. I admire his altruistic spirit...

But I sure wish that he would come home.