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Help Send a Kid to Camp

Crayons As a culture, we have decided that memorizing our multiplication tables and learning how to spell 'innovation' isn't as important as playing with clay or painting a picture. Demoting or eliminating art classes nationwide, we have decided somehow that art is optional. Incidental. The fluff.

What a crock of shit.

"Creative people invent, imagine, problem-solve, create, and communicate in fresh, new ways. Every business requires creative thinkers in the form of scientists, engineers, medical researchers, technology innovators, business entrepreneurs, artists, performers, writers and illustrators, designers, inventors, educators and parents. Those with the ability to "think outside of the box" will lead the future and make special things happen." (from the fine folks at Crayola)

Nurturing creativity isn't about grooming all kids to become professional artists. It's about teaching them how to express themselves and encouraging them to think freely.

Creative thinking is how we are going to solve the issues challenging our modern world.

A couple weeks back, I decided I wanted to donate a portion of the proceeds from my online store. Starting this month, a percentage of my sales will go to an organization (a different one each month because I couldn't pick just one!) that supports children and/or the arts for the remainder of 2014.

Summer Illustration Art Academy

For the month of June, 10% of what I sell will go towards sending at-risk kids to illustration camp in New York. Hosted by the Society of Illustrators, the Summer Illustration Art Academy:

"... will make a difference in the lives of 30 at-risk youth ages 9-13 from the most vulnerable neighborhoods in New York City. Students attending the Academy learn multi-media drawing techniques from several prominent illustrators and comic artists. Using NYC cultural, historical and scientific institutions as their learning labs they will gain greater insight into the life of an illustrator."

Supporting the arts, whether it be music, drawing, or encouraging imaginative play, is something I really believe in. Visit my store and let's help send a kid to art camp!