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An Awfully Good Adventure

Green and lovely aren't they?

Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search has begun! The deadline for the first round of entries is due Monday. A bit ahead of the game (and with sweaty, shaky palms), I submitted my piece yesterday.

The assignment was to create wall art around the theme 'little terrariums.'

Succulents. Cacti. Strange, wonderfully shaped containers cradling exotic plants within their transparent walls. Run with it.

Have fun.

Create something you would hang on your wall.

People buy your joy.

One of the reasons so many artists want to be represented by the fabulous Lilla Rogers is that her assignments are full of nurturing directives. Who wouldn't want to work under someone urging you to, above all, follow your joy? 

Plus, an industry juggernaut, her business sense is as finely honed as her artistic eye.

I can't show you my entry just yet, but no matter the outcome of this first round, I had an amazing time creating it.

An 'I can't sleep because my whole body is creatively buzzing' good time.

It's exhilarating. And terrifying. Bigger than me. Or that's how it feels when I'm in my groove.

In this messy, hard, scary, beautiful experience we call life, you can be an observer. You can sit on the sidelines and watch it all unfold.

Or you can get out there. Jump right in the middle and see what happens..

Seize your moment.

It will be scary. You will hear voices (inside your head and out)--voices telling you you're not good enough. Voices asking 'why you?' Voices telling you you're crazy to even try.

Do it anyway. No matter the outcome, it will be one helluva a ride.

"To live. To live will be an awfully big adventure."

- Robin Williams, Hook


And don't forget, for the month of August, 10% of what I sell will go to DAVA, a local organization that “… provides high-quality, after-school programming in the Aurora community and has become an anchor of free arts education for 900 urban kids (ages 3-17) annually. DAVA programs are designed to provide young people with the tools necessary to activate a new vision for community through the arts.”