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How to Have More Fun

Digitla Nomad Illustration_Kelly Angelovic This illustration was our last assignment in Lilla Roger's Assignment Bootcamp. Class started back in January, and (as was my experience last year) it has been a fantastic way to push myself and work on projects that are outside of my comfort zone. This month's assignment was to create an editorial illustration for an online article entitled "How To Succeed At Becoming A Digital Nomad."  

With Bootcamp wrapping up, we are now in the thick of summer (with the 90 degree weather to prove it).

What does summer mean to you?

I think of hot lazy days, dripping popsicles, staying outside until dark--and having FUN!!

Lately, I've been inviting more fun into my life. My husband is always trying to make me laugh, and I have two little ones who base their entire existence on having a good time.

So this should be easy. Right?

But sometimes...every so often, I can be the tiniest, slightest bit...uptight. I can get myself all worked up about all that needs to get done  (which, by the way, isn't ever possible--the list never ends, so let it go already), or looming deadlines, or climate change, or how many vegetables my kids actually ate today...and on and on.

My kids are the very best at this--having fun. They are my greatest teachers (in so many ways).

This week my son (1.5 years old) and I have been making fish faces at each other, and he laughs and giggles like it's the greatest thing, EVER.

Then there's my daughter, who does a happy dance right there on the spot, when I tell her her friend is coming over to play.

There is no shortage of pain in this world. The key is to keep laughing--to have fun through the hurt and the tears.

So when I'm having a rough day, or I get some news about a friend that breaks my heart, I take some deep cleansing breaths, and then I get down and play with my kids.

We draw with chalk on the sidewalk and we splash in puddles. Sometimes we have dance parties where we turn the music up really loud and we shimmy and shake--no one cares if anyone is watching. We are wild and free.

What are you doing this summer? Are you having enough fun?? I'd love to hear from you.


I've shared my other Bootcamp projects from the past six months below (also lots of fun!!):

Ocean Garden Dinnerware Collection_Kelly Angelovic

Collection of plates featuring a floral pattern and sea creatures (a side note about this one--I want to work on this a bit more. I'm not completely happy with some of the elements and I think I can push this a bit more to create a collection that I REALLY dig). I'll let you know how it turns out ;)

Global Art Gathering_Kelly Angelovic

Hand lettered poster design for the MATS Global Art Gathering that took place in the UK this summer.


Funky kitchen wall art.

Jewel Themed Fancy Feathers Journal Cover Kelly Angelovic

Whimsical journal cover design.

Please contact me if you are interested in licensing any of the above artwork. I am also available for commissioned projects!

I'm a Semi-Finalist!

Lobster With shaky hands and a racing heart, I checked Lilla's blog this first thing this morning. The list of semi-finalists for Lilla Rogers' Global Talent Search was up.

Again and again I counseled myself-- the outcome doesn't matter, I am proud of the piece that I submitted, there were 1500 entries, and the the level of talent was (is?) incredibly fierce.

What really matters is that I put my fears and insecurities aside and gave it my all.

And then I saw it. My name and my submission, second from the top of the list. Check it out.

Global Talent Search Semi-Finalist

Of all of those incredible journal cover entries, mine was one of the top 50! I can still barely breath, and I'm pretty sure my feet haven't touched the ground yet today.

This past week has included some disappointments--I am having an issue with one of my eyes, and yesterday, a line of wall art that I have been working on for Oopsy Daisy was rejected, including my lobster above.

So for today, I am going to celebrate and enjoy this moment.


Make Art That Sells

Lobster I have been working on the lobster above for the last week or two. He's not quite finished--I have a couple final details to add, but he's getting close.

What do you think?


Ninety percent (maybe more) of what I do is by myself. Some days, I'm working in my studio at home. Other days, though surrounded by the hustle and bustle of my local coffee shop, I'm still sitting in front of my computer or sketchpad--working alone.

This is awesome when I'm jamming on a project that I love.

But sometimes, I long for more interaction. More input or guidance. Juicy creative discussions about the work (be it mine or someone else's).

Feeling adrift, this has been especially true in the past month. What else should I be doing to get where I want to go? Who can I even ask for help?

An email about a new e-course for artists, created by Lilla Rogers, a talented illustrator and incredibly successful agent, found it's way into my inbox.

Serendipity. You just need to be paying attention.

I signed up that day.

Lilla Rogers School logo

Make Art that Sells is the name of this five week course that explores the following markets:

  • Bolt Fabric
  • Home Decor
  • Children's Books
  • Wall Art
  • Gift

Class contributors include Lauren Graham from Anthropologie, Kate Woodrow from Chronicle Books, Alexandrea Mooney from Real Simple Magazine, Misty Lai from Gymboree, and others. If you're interested, you can learn more about the class here.

So far, the class has been full of useful information and inspiration. We are learning about the Bolt Fabric market this week-- and my assignment is to draw mushrooms and vintage pyrex casserole dishes. Fabulous.

I hope this class provides some of the direction and feedback I have been craving. Over the next several weeks, I'll be posting about what we're learning and creating--so stay tuned.