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New Website!

KellyAngelovicHomepage.jpg I'm so excited...

I present to you the new and improved As of this week, we're live. Yahoo!!! Web stuff is not my forte, so this feels like a major accomplishment.

Check it out!

I also signed my first fabric licensing deal this week with Robert Kaufman (fabric wholesaler and supplier). The first orders of 'Ready to Cook' will be available this April at a Jo-Ann Fabric near you.

Ready to Cook


Make Art That Sells

Lobster I have been working on the lobster above for the last week or two. He's not quite finished--I have a couple final details to add, but he's getting close.

What do you think?


Ninety percent (maybe more) of what I do is by myself. Some days, I'm working in my studio at home. Other days, though surrounded by the hustle and bustle of my local coffee shop, I'm still sitting in front of my computer or sketchpad--working alone.

This is awesome when I'm jamming on a project that I love.

But sometimes, I long for more interaction. More input or guidance. Juicy creative discussions about the work (be it mine or someone else's).

Feeling adrift, this has been especially true in the past month. What else should I be doing to get where I want to go? Who can I even ask for help?

An email about a new e-course for artists, created by Lilla Rogers, a talented illustrator and incredibly successful agent, found it's way into my inbox.

Serendipity. You just need to be paying attention.

I signed up that day.

Lilla Rogers School logo

Make Art that Sells is the name of this five week course that explores the following markets:

  • Bolt Fabric
  • Home Decor
  • Children's Books
  • Wall Art
  • Gift

Class contributors include Lauren Graham from Anthropologie, Kate Woodrow from Chronicle Books, Alexandrea Mooney from Real Simple Magazine, Misty Lai from Gymboree, and others. If you're interested, you can learn more about the class here.

So far, the class has been full of useful information and inspiration. We are learning about the Bolt Fabric market this week-- and my assignment is to draw mushrooms and vintage pyrex casserole dishes. Fabulous.

I hope this class provides some of the direction and feedback I have been craving. Over the next several weeks, I'll be posting about what we're learning and creating--so stay tuned.