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What About Your Socks?

gts-banner-011 It's that time of year again. Lilla Rogers Studio's Global Talent Search 2015 is about to begin! The prize is representation for two years with Lilla Rogers Studio, plus a slew of dream licensing deals right out of the gate.

Truth be told I wasn't even going to enter this year, but I won a free spot with my Follow Your Joy alumni manifesto back in February, we go!


This year, leading up to the contest, Lilla is offering 5 (free) mini assignments--one per day, all this week. The official contest kicks off Friday, August 14. So if you're interested in joining in the on the fun, check it out!

The first mini was all about socks, and what they reveal about current trends, fashion, colors and patterns. This is right up my alley--I have a drawer full of whimsical socks (my favorites are knee high rainbow striped toe socks)...and it's rare that I wear the same sock on both feet.


It's Snowing!

The First Snow doodle 4:00 am. Deep in dreamland but always listening with a mother's ear, I hear the pitter patter of tiny feet.


"Hi sweetie. What do you need? It's very early, " I mumble.

"Mama...did it snow?!" she asks, and I can hear the excitement in her voice. I tell her to go look out our window.

The ground is still bare, the grass still green. No snow.

"We'll check again when it's time to get up," I tell her as I tuck her back into bed. She nods, smiling, and nestles under her covers.

The day before, we talked about how it might snow. We talked about making snow angels and building snowmen--her eyes lit up. We talked about eating snow (her favorite part), and skiing (my favorite part).

In the morning, we looked out the window again. No snow, but a cold, light rain was falling. Hazel stayed by the window, watching intently as I went to her room to pick out her clothes.

"Mama, mama!!!" she hollered, "Mama, look! It's snowing!!!"

I came back into the room. Her small hands were pressed up against the glass. The rainy sleet had indeed turned into snow.

Seeing life through the eyes of a child is a wondrous thing. She stayed glued to the window as I helped her get dressed and brushed her hair. The "snowstorm" lasted for maybe 10-20 minutes. Nothing stuck--it was almost over before it even began. But it was one of the highlights of her day.

And that it made it one of the highlights of mine.


Also, as you know, I have been donating 10% of my proceeds to a charitable organization for the last couple of months. I want to be able to make more of a difference, and have concluded that switching organizations each month just isn't helping anyone enough. So I'm going to change things up. For the next few months, I want to focus on one charity. And we'll see how that goes.

I will be donating 10% of the proceeds from my online store to Arts Street, a local non-profit program that creates opportunities for the young people of Colorado. Their mission is to "...cultivate low-income and under-served youth into a creative and culturally competent workforce. We use the power of the arts and arts professionals to nurture leadership and engage youth in learning."

Check 'em out.


Kelly_Angelovic_February Squeezing in 15 minutes here and there, having a creative outlet (no matter how small) is keeping me sane and at least semi-balanced as we adapt to being a family of four. In my stolen moments, this is what I have been working on. Created as part of Lilla Roger's Assignment Bootcamp (which is keeping me in the game for now), the assignment was to create a cell phone case for the gift market with a cuckoo clock theme.

Here are some of my initial sketches.

Cuckoo4 Cuckoo1 Cuckoo3 Cuckoo2

Then from pencil sketch to digital design, color, and layout.


To the final image.


Now back to loving on that beautiful new baby of ours.