Kelly Angelovic Illustration
Illustration + Design
Oh Happy Day


adventure, bat, beach, beach bag, berry, bike, bird, birthday, bouquet, butterfly, cake, camping, cat, celebrate, cell phone, children, cocktail, coffee, cup cake, dia de los muertos, drink, editorial, elephant, everyday, festive, fish, floral, flower, food, forest, fox, friendship, fun, halloween, herb, ice cream, ice skating, jungle, kid, lantern, leaf, lemon, lighthouse, lobster, love, man, moon, mountain, music, ocean, pipe, play, playground, popsicle, rabbit, romance, sailboat, sea, skeleton, smoke, spooky, spring, squirrel, stars, straw, summer, sun, sun hat, sunglasses, tea, technology, tent, vase, whale, winter, wolf

Kelly Angelovic plays digitally and with paint. This is a gallery of some of my more illustrative work.